wearethe3xample said: I think you should go with the white pants and blue top for your pictures haha

Alright thank you😁😁

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this is so beautiful that i’ve got shivers

I don’t care if this doesn’t fit the “theme” of your blog, everybody needs to see this

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If you’re with someone who doesn’t look at you with adoration & passion, when you walk into a room they don’t instantly feel reassurance & pride for having the right to claim you, you get undressed & they don’t get the urge to take you down … Someone who doesn’t praise you for your accomplishments & admire your efforts to be a better you;

start loving yourself again and leave their company. There are too many people in the world to settle for someone who feels you’re mediocre.

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"You learn more about a person at the end of a relationship than at the beginning."  - (via grillfriend)

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"I hope they ask about me & I hope you tell them you fucked up."  - (via letdowndays)

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"You have
galaxies inside your head.
Stop letting people
tell you
you cannot shine."  - "For all those self doubters, take note" - e.m.f.p (via astronomized)

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Help! Which should I wear for senior pictures?

“I have learned not to
turn people into homes,
and I have learned to love
with the door to my heart
half open; at all times.
I cannot make you stay and
I’ve learned not to beg.

After you,
I learned to love the ones
who deserve it and I will love
them with all that I have
to offer.

After you,
I learned that homes
can still burn to the ground
no matter how steady they
were built up to be.

Fact still is:
Titanic, the unsinkable ship, sank;
but, my dearest, similar to love,
we still put ourselves out there.

"  - Don’t place your happiness in someone elses hand - Jen.L (via thelamewriter)

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Anonymous said: the Second one!

I’m so conflicted I keep changing my mind! 🙈